Turtle Wax Power Out! Pet Mess Kit


SKU/MPN: 50692

Effortlessly clean all pet messes in the home & car. Safe formulas for kids & pets.

  • Includes All-Surface Cleaner, Odor Removal Spray & Hair Lifter Sponge
  • Cleans Dirt, Urine, Hair & Removes Odors
  • Safe, Non-Toxic Enzymatic Formula

Step 1

HAIR COLLECTING SPONGE: Use the sponge in long strides to pick up hair, and repeat as needed until hair is collected. Discard accumulated hair between uses.

Step 2

FRESH CLEAN ALL-SURFACE CLEANER: Shake well. Soak the area with the easy to use formula onto dirty surface. Firmly wipe with a clean microfiber towel for best results. Repeat if needed. Blot dry with a clean, microfiber cloth.

Step 3

ODOR-X SPRAY: Clean car and remove the source of odor. Spray on surfaces to remove odors inside the car. Pet safe formula can be sprayed on carpet, fabric, plastic and inside vents.

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