48 oz

SKU/MPN: 53411

PH balanced premium vehicle wash that will provide maximum hydrophobicity and can be used in conjunction with other Hybrid Solution products to boost the ceramic protection.

  • Great water repellency even after 1 use
  • Innovative high lubricity formula will help lift and encapsulate dirt and suspend it for minimum scratching
  • Can also be used in conjunction with a foam cannon for thick and long work time foam
  • Invigorating tropical scent

Step 1

Shake well. Add 2 to 3 fl. oz. to a bucket and top off with a gallon of water. Rinse exterior surfaces with a strong stream of water to remove loose soils and to cool the surface.

Step 2

Wash vehicle from top to bottom using a microfiber wash mitt. Using the mitt, gently agitate the wash solution and apply to remove soil from exterior surfaces. Wash one panel at a time and rinse thoroughly with a fine spray of water to observe water beading.

Step 3

Re-wash if necessary to maximize shine and water beading. Use a final flood of water to rinse and induce the sheeting effect. Towel dry as necessary.

Part of the ‘Hybrid Solutions’ range

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